Sri Sujnanendra Teertharu

150th Aradhana of Sri Sujanendra Teertharu

he 150th Aradhana of Sri Sujnanendra Teertha Sripadangalavaru will be celebrated under the august guidance of H.H. Sri Suyateendra Teertha Sripadangalavaru (Peethadhipati of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha Mantralaya)
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Sri Rayaru as an idol at Nanjangud

We have been witnessing through out history that Great People like Sri Raghavendra Teertha Gurusarvabhoumaru come in various forms to bless the devotees.If prayed with devotion, he could get invoked even in sacred sand, mrithika.Those hundreds of mrithika brindavanas of Rayaru all over the country where he resides in the form of mrithika is a demonstration of this aspect. All have seen Sri Rayaru either in the form of Brindavana or as an idol of Sri Prahlada Rajaru. But its only at Nanjanagudu, where you see him as an idol. This origin of this speciality form has an interesting background.
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