Visit to Wipro's Innovation Center

H.H. Swamiji was invited to visit the Wipro Innovation Center, Bangalore. The Technology Company's enthusiasm in showcasing their innovative technology solutions was surpassed by H.H. Swamiji's keen interest in redefining the context to suit Shri Mutt's initiatives to help devotees visit and stay at Mantralayam. Digital Solutions to help devotees' visits, predictive analysis based on behavarioul patterns of devotees , Crowd Management, Seva booking, Mobile apps with audio commands, Virtual reality solutions were just a few topics that Shreepadaru discussed. H.H. Swamiji drew a parallel to the technology mentioned in our puranas and itihasa granthas to the innovations in science and technology in the modern world. He expressed his desire to make Mantralayam a center of both the spiritual and scientific excellence.