Vaikunta Ekadashi at Mantralayam

Vaikunta Ekadashi was celebrated with great devotional grandeur at Mantralayam. H.H. Swamiji visited Sreenivasa Temple in the town of Mantralaya (statue installed and worshipped by Rayaru) followed by devotees getting an opportunity to pass through the 'Vaikunta Dwara' at the Temple. Returning to Brundavana sannidhana, H.H.Swamiji, then performed TaptaMudhradharane to the assembled devotees and conducted Moola Rama Devarige Samsthana pooje and blessed all devotees. This special day also witnessed Bhagavatha pravachana by various scholars through the day on a rotational basis with each one covering one chapter of the great magnum opus.

Nagara Sankeertana

Vaikunta Dwara

Mudra Dharana

Bhagavatha Pravachana by Shri Matha Pandits

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