Sujayeendra Arogya Shala


A hospital to serve the local residents, visiting devotees as well as people from nearby villages was envisioned by Shri Sujayeendra Theertha Swamiji who laid the foundation stone on 27th January 1982. The humble beginning was possible with donations by Shri B.Virupaksha Goud in the name of Shri Naganthanahalli Ranga Reddy. Shri Sushameendra theertha Swamiji continued the good work and with six years, the hospital named aptly as “ Shri Sujayeendra Arogyashala” was inaugurated on 23rd july 1988 by the then Vice President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma and P.V.Narasimha Rao, Minister for External Affairs.

The Hospital was strengthened on 1st January 2008 with the employment of an experienced physician with M.D.(Medicine), a female gynecologist with M.S.(Gynecology) and a medical officer with GCIM. Earlier the hospital worked between 09.30 am – 01.00 pm   and 04.30 pm – 06.30 pm with Tuesday as weekly holiday. From 1st May 2008, the Arogyashala has started functioning 08.00 am to 07.00 pm with no weekly holiday. At present , there are two male doctors on rosters and the position of female gynecologist is lying vacant.

The Arogyashala provides medical services to :

  • Residents of Mantralayam
  • Pligrims and devotees
  • People living in nearby villages
  • Staff and their family members of mutt
  • Students of “Shri Gurusarvabhouma Vidyapeetha” and “Rayara Mane”

During the October 2009 flood, whole Arogyashala premises were submerged in the flood waters and all the erstwhile equipment and materials were damaged beyond repair. On the very next day Dr. Sindhu Joshi and Shri Vittal Joshi from Hyderabad rushed to Mantralayam with medicines and started first aid centre in corner of the Mutt, and thus the Arogyashala is continuing its service.


A. Cardiac Equipment

  • Silicon 5-parameter cardiac monitor: displays ECG , heart rate blood pressure blood oxygen conncetration, respiratory rate and temperature.
  • Sillicon defibrillator , employed when heart stops suddenly due to various reasons.
  • L&T Orion and Wipro Mac400 ECG machines that record twelvs  lead ECG with result.
  • L&T  and Sillicon puls oxymeter to measure pluse rate , rhythm and oxygen concentration

B. Laboratory  Equipment

  • Erba-Chem 5x clinical chemistry analyser with printer (liver function 10 tests; lipid profile 7 tests ; blood sugar ; creatinine ures; calsium ; uric acid Total 22 tests.
  • Olympus Trinocular microscope with digital microphotography and table top display (slides of blood, urine, semen, sputum and stool examination)
  • MISP Uriscan (11 urine examinations)
  • Agappe BC-3000plus cell counter with printer (counting blood cells , 19 tests)
  • Incubator (12x12x12, sterilizing washed test tubes, micro pipette tips, urine containers, and other glassware); Remicentrifuge (14 sample with timer and speed regulator, concentration and filtration of urine and blood), refrigerator.

C. X-ray and Ultrasound scanning  Equipment

  • Wipro GE Genius 100 mA x-ray machine with 90-2R floor to ceilling column with horizontal table and accessories.
  • Dental x-ray machine.
  • L&T Selectra LX ultra sound machine for (a) scanning liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, urinary bladder, prostate (b) examination of pregnant women.
  • Ultra-sound foetal doppler ( to study foetal heart  in pregnant women)

D. Emergency Equipment

  • Apex Oxygen concentrator (takes oxygen from atmosphere and supplies to patient). Arogyashala  also  has oxygen cylinders and accessories.
  • Sillicon ambubag used for supporting artificial respiration.
  • Laryngoscope and endotrachial tubes (to detect disease in larynx and trachea, remove foreign bodies and obstruction)
  • Ambulance
  • Nebulizer for asthma patients with breathing problem.



  • Dental clinic equiped with Excel-9 total clinic Dental chair.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Reception
  • Dressing room
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