Sri Vasudendra Teertharu

Sloka : 
Sanskrit :
वसुदातलविख्य्यातं वैराग्यादिगुणार्णवम् ।
वॆदवॆदांगचतुरं वसुधॆंद्रगुरुं भजॆ ॥

Kannada :
ವಸುಧಾತಲ ವಿಖ್ಯಾತಂ ವೈರಾಗ್ಯಾದಿಗುಣಾರ್ಣವಮ್ |
ವೇದವೇದಾಂಗಚತುರಂ ವಸುಧೇಂದ್ರಗುರುಂ ಭಜೇ ||

Telugu :
వసుధాతల విఖ్యాతం వైరాగ్యాది గుణార్ణవమ్ |
వేదవేదాంగచతురం వసుధేంద్ర గురుం భజే ||


Venugopalacharya, the poorvashrama younger brother of Vadeendratheertha had three sons. Purushothamacharya was the eldest. Balaramacharya and Lakshminarayanacharya were his younger  brothers. All the three who became famous as the heads of the Mutt were named Vasudhendratheertha, Varadendratheertha and Bhuvanendratheertha respectively. Vasudhendratheertha was a great  ascetic. Without undertaking extensive tours, he stayed for many days at Mantralaya conducting classes and holding discourses. Even during his period, one Nawab Sabdaljung Bahadur, the   administrator of Adoni executed the documents in respect of the village Mantralaya in favour of the Mutt. Documents in respect of the village Kireetagiri which was in the control of the government  between 1756 and 1760 were againexecuted in swamiji’s name. Apart from it, one Ramabhoopala, a Palegar gifted a village Somanahalli to the swamiji. Once the swamiji went on a tour to Tamilnadu. One Vijayavoppulamalavaraya, theNayak of Ariyaloor in Tiruchirapalli region there felicitated the  swamiji.1 The swamiji always was busy carrying out Japa and Tapa. At last he reached the heavenly abode at Kenchanagudda, a villageon the banks of the river Tungabhadra near Shiraguppa. Of the books written by him, only his commentary on Gurugunastavana is available now. The very place of his  Brindavan has the renown of being verysacred which demands purity of mind and body. Whoever visits the place with their mind and body polluted is sure to have gruelling experience immediately.  Even today it is widely believed that the swamiji was a great ascetic.



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1. Mysore Archaeological Report 44.

Source : Gurucharite


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