Sri Sushameendra Teertharu

Sloka : 
Sanskrit :
सुधीजन सुमंदारं सुधींद्र सुतसुप्रियम् ।
सुशमींद्र गुरुं वंदे सुजयींद्र करोद्भवम् ॥

Kannada :
ಸುಧೀಜನಸುಮಂದಾರಂ ಸುಧೀಂದ್ರ ಸುತ ಸುಪ್ರಿಯಮ್ |
ಸುಶಮೀಂದ್ರ ಗುರುಂ ವಂದೇ ಸುಜಯೀಂದ್ರ ಕರೋದ್ಭವಮ್ ||                                                

Telugu :
సుధీజన సుమందారం సుధీంద్ర సుత సుప్రియమ్ |
సుశమీంద్ర గురుం వందే సుజయీంద్ర కరోద్భవమ్ ||


Sri Raghavendraswamiji has been “Kamadhenu- Kalpavruksha’’ in Kaliyuga for the ocean of devotees seeking divine refuge in him, by freeing them from their sins and fulfilling  their wishes. It may unequivocally be said that none other than men of divine traits and men whom the Divinity has so blessed can be in the seat adorned by such greatest saint of all times. The most reverential Sushameendratheertha belongs to such a tribe. In his poorvashrama Sushameendratheertha was known as Suprajnendracharya. He comes of the sacred poorvashrama lineage of Sri Gururaja of‘Beegamudre’ family of Gouthama Gothra in Shashtika Kula known for accomplishments in the realm of learning. Raja Rajagopalacharya who was the son of Sujnanendracharya, the youngest brother of Sukrutheeendratheertha and Susheelendratheertha was his father and Padmavathibai, the poorvashrama daughter of Suvratheendratheertha was his mother.

He had his basic traditionaleducation under his grandfather Sujnanendracharya, learnt Sanskrit from the scholars of the Mutt Vidwan Durgam Bheemacharya and Vidwan Durgam Gundacharya and studied Yajurveda under Dakshinamurthy Narayanashastri ofNanjangud. Acharya who studied up to sixth standard could not prosecute his studies further owing to ill health. His Upanayanam was celebrated in his very early age as a boy. In the coming years, the then swamiji Suyameendratheertha appointed him as Dharmakarta of Subbarayanakere branch of the Mutt at Mysore so that he could learn about the customs and traditions of the Mutt. Suprajnendracharya acquainted himself with the affairs of the Muttin general and tradition and religious aspects in particular under the guidance of his maternal uncle Vidwan Huli K Srinivasacharya, the poorvashrama son of Suvratheendratheertha who was in charge ofthe branch. Later he entered into family life at an appropriate age. On instructions from Sujayeendratheertha who was in the peethathen, Suprajnendracharya, the son of swamiji’s poorvashrama elder brother came to Mantralaya. Further the swamiji trainedim in thegreat customs and glorious tradition of the Mutt, imparted him the system of offering poojas to the idols, taught him many secretMantras and had him in his close association. The swamiji was indisposed in 1985. Then he took Suprajnendracharya to the villageBichale, blessed him with sanyasa, named him ‘Sushameendra theertha’ and nominated him as his successor.

The swamiji also made him get acquainted with the system of offering poojas to Moolarama, Digvijayarama, Jayarama and Vaikunthavasudeva, the idols of the Mutt. Months later, Sujayeendratheerthahad severe healt problem and attained the Lotus feet of Lord Hari at Mantralaya, the very sacred shrine of Sri Gururaja. The grievingSushameendratheertha installed the Brindavan of his guru next to the Brindavan of Sri Suvratheendratheertha in all piety and devotion, placed the idols of the Mutt on the Brindavan, performed Kankabhisheka and composed Charmashloka on his guru. The all round development of the Mutt scaled greater heightsafter Sushameendratheertha took over the reins of the Mutt. During his countrywide tours undertaken by the swamiji for spiritual upliftment of the disciples of the Mutt and of the devotees of Sri Gururaja, he has been gracing them by accepting their obeisancein the form of Tulabhara, grand processions and other honours and treats at several pilgrim centres, towns, cities and metros. Besides he has undertaken pilgrimage to Badari twice at his ripe age. Swamiji’s sole object is tofacilitate more and more devotees to have the fortune of worshipping Sri Gururaja. Towards this divine goal he has installed Sri Gururaja’s Mrithika Brindavans numberingmore than eighty in different parts of the country and has got many Brindavans, in poor condition, rejuvenated. The swamiji who evinces great interest in the field of education has been striving for making the Vidyapeetha at Mantralaya, a centre of excellence. Similarly in certain important branches of the Mutt, such Vidyapeethas are functioning. About thirty students are being imparted knowledge about traditional and general aspects at Sri Raghunandana Gurukula Vidyapeetha, a free residentialinstitution at Nanjangud founded by the swamiji. For the benefit of poor students, the swamiji has established Kalpataru Institute Of Education at Karnataka’s cultural capital Mysore, a city acclaimed as the best centre for art and education. Also a reputed school at Jamkhandi with about five hundred students and fifty teaching andother staff has come into the fold of Mutt’s administration. The swamiji has created facilities for free computer education in a number of places all over the country which reflects his far- sightedness.Every year the swamiji blesses great accomplishers in the field of education, music, art and social service with honours and awards. Swamiji’scontinued endeavour towards the propagation of Sri Gururaja’s message, the culture and history of India is remarkable. The manner in which he has ensured the publication of theKannada cultural monthly ‘Gurusarvabhouma’ started by his guru in other languages like Sanskrit, English, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi mirrors the commitment of the swamiji. Especially the Kannada monthly ‘Vijayasampada’, the swamiji has started to popularise the Haridasa literature, has come as a great boon to many. In addition to annual free distribution of Panchanga to the disciples of the Mutt, the swamiji has introduced a scheme for printing and offering books on Stotras, Vrathas, customs and traditions to be followed, etc at cheaper prices. In this direction, the swamiji has enriched the literary world by bringing out ‘Dharmashastra Darpana’, ‘Vratha Mukthavali’, ‘Sthotra Mukthavali’ and ‘Sadachara Mukthavali’.The deep solicitude the swamiji professes for the society at large needs no overemphasis. His providing financial aid ranging between Rs 50000/- & Rs 100000/- for restoration of those monuments of historical and traditional importance in condition of decay, mitigating through financial help the sufferings of the people reeling under internecine and ill-effects of manmade destructionand natural calamities; the likes of Kargil war, earthquake in Orissa,and Tsunami stand out as a hallmark of swamiji’s social commitment.

While his accomplishments that have helped the society indifferent ways are great, the humility of the swamiji is ineffable. He always ascribes the unique fortune of his heading the Mutt and the success in all his divine endeavours to the special blessings of Sri Gururaja and those of his maternal grandfather Sri Suvratheendratheertha. It is not surprising if those acquainted withthe swamiji since his poorvashrama find a parallel between him and Sri Jithamithratheertha who adorned the peetha even beforeSri Gururaja did. When Jithamithra was Ananthappa in his poorvashrama, the clairvoyant saint Sri Vibudhendratheertha who appreciated innocence, realised Ananthappa’s real worth reminiscing his great accomplishments in his previous births. That was why he decided that only Ananthappa was suitable to succeed him and blessed him so. It may not be hyperbolical to say that similarly Sri Gururaja and Suvratheendratheertha in due recognitionof Suprajnendracharya’s accomplishments in his previous births and of his innate and latent divine traits in his present birth have blessed him with the divine position and have had him do such divine deeds as Sushameendratheertha. It can be definitely said that Sushameendratheertha is such a divinely ascetic soul.Swamiji’s innocence and heartiness can be compared to that of a child and that of the vastness of a sea. These rare traits fuse themselves into a smile on his spiritually radiantface, which the devotees kneeling before him find as nothing but assurance of divine grace. Must be because of his piety and extraordinary humility, the swamiji has become the most beloved for Sri Gururaja.Therefore that great saint does miracles and great deeds through the swamiji for the prosperity and welfare of humankind. As for the swamiji, his devotion for that ‘OceanOf Kindness’ is singular. Be the deed whatever and however great that swamiji does, such is the profundity of his devotion that he denies himself the credit forthat, but resolutely and instantaneously declares it to be all because of Sri Gururaja’s grace. It is the very same thing that inspired him to take up the task of getting a gold chariot, gold palanquin and a silver howdah prepared for Sri Gururaja. When these materialised,the swamiji’s joy leapt beyond all bounds. His tears of joy that was conspicuous when these were dedicated to Sri Gururaja thrilled everydevotee. The divine fortification Sri Mantralaya Prabhu had blessed the swamiji with was so impenetrable that even the God of death had to retreat and concede his defeat. The greatness of swamiji is such that he with the blessings of Sri Gururaja triumphed over death on two occasions. It is certain that the God of deathdares not come near the swamiji for years to come. When Sri Gururaja has willed to bless every devotee with the fortune of taking part in the centenary celebrations of the swamiji, how can the God of death be daring enough to come near the swamiji?The Mantrakshata with which the swamiji blesses fulfils all the wishes of his disciples and devotees. His word are as true as the Vedas for them. Thousands of devotees patiently standing inserpentine queues for Mantrakshata and ro hear his word eagerly is a common sight. The swamiji, for his devotees is “Sri Gururaja moving from place to place” . We are really lucky to have such a divineguru, and this makes our life a purposeful one.Let us pray to Lord Hari-Vayu-Gururaja to bless the swamiji with long spiritual life so that he continues to fulfil our wishes and lead us to the path of nobility.


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