Mrittika - FAQ

Swamiji Collecting Mritikka

1. What is meant by Mrittika? 
Mrittika means soil.

2. Can we call all the soil available on earth as Mrittika? 
Why not? The entire soil found on and in the earth is Mrittika only!

3. What type of soil is considered very auspicious?

The soil where gopikas (women in lord krishna's devotees troupe) used to walk on is considered to be the most auspiciousone. It is popularly called Gopi Chandana. The second place goes to the soil where a Tulsi is planted. This is known as Tulsi Mrittika.

4. How this Mrittika is related with Rayara Brindavana?
Well. All of us are aware that Rayaru will come and bless us from where ever we call Him (Karedallige Baruva) right? Mrittika is one of the form to invoke Him for worshiping. A small amount of Mrittika given by the the Peethadhipathi of Rayara Matha in a copper or silver box. Then that box will be placed in the Vrindavana and then sealed by rock glue. Thus it becomes Rayar Mrittika Vrindavana.

5. Will Swamiji fetch Mrittika from Rayara Vrindavana at Mantralaya?
No chance. Sri Rayara Moola Vrindavana is also sealed on every side including top. No one can put his hands into Brindavana. Hence Mrittika can never be erected from inner part of the Moola Vrindavana.

6. From where does Swamiji give us Mrittika?
A separate amount of Mrittika will always be there on the top of the Vrindavana. For this mrittika there will be regular poojas according to Vedas like by chanting Mrittika Sooka / Bhoo Sookta from Vedas, Ashta-Dik-Bandhana pooja as per Tantra Sara etc. Swamiji will give a small quantity of the Mrittika from the same.

7. Ah! is it so? Then what is the source of this Mrittika? And how will it be brought?

Mrittika Sangrahanotsava

This holy Mrittika will be collected from the Tulasi Vana (Garden) located between the Mutt and the Tungabhadra River. On the Poornima day of Ashadha Masa every year His Holiness Sri Swamiji Himself (or Dharmadhikari in case Swamiji is on tour) will go to the Tulsi garden in a procession, and collect the the holy soil from the bottom of a Tulsi plant. The Mrittika will be brought back and placed on the top of Vrindavana.

8. Will Swamiji take out a Salagrama from the Moola Vrindavana while giving Mrittika?
How is that possible? The top and all the sides of the Brindavana have been sealed by a glue called Ashta Bandha. This Ayurvedic glue is water resistant. Seems the doubt is cleared now.  

9) What are the other Mrittikas that devotees use regularly?
Normally many devotees will have any or all of the following or all Mrittika in their houses.
1) Mrittika of Sri Jitamitra Teertharu
2) Mrittika of Sri Vyasaraja Teertharu
3)  Mrittika of Sri Vadiraja Teertharu
4) Mrittika of Sri Vijayeendra Teertharu
5) At Koppara (Raichur District of Karnataka) we can see people getting the Holy Mrittika from the famous shrine of Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha. And also it is seen that the devotees of Subrahmanya will get Mrittika from Subrhmanya Kshetra.


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